Goals & Growth

I wrote the below on 12/18/2018… 


The year is almost over and it seems  a lot of my 2018 goals will be carrying forward and spilling into 2019.

I grew so much this past year, finding strength in areas I least expected.  I learned a new language I had been unconsciously suppressing, and started communicating more with my body, understanding and allowing its request to rest.  I took unplanned days off not because I was injured, but to avoid it.  I slowed down this past fall in order to hopefully speed up long term… I didn’t excel at the trajectory I thought I would, but some growth can’t be measured by PRs and race times.  Just like tree roots – as noted in January – some growth is hidden beneath the surface…. I just need to go a little deeper before I can become little taller.


On 01/01/2019, shortly after writing this, I finally PRed again and came so close to my sub 20 minute (20:05) 5K goal on quite minimal training… It feels good to approach training -and hopefully life itself – with a balance of being more relaxed but still focused.

Goals should be a guidance and an invitation to growth.  They offer a quantified approach to staying motivated and on track, but shouldn’t make you feel stifled or trapped.  By pulling my intensity back and refocusing on the basics, I eventually reaped a small reward.  And while it was not in 2018, I still consider it to have happened right on time.

As I enter the beginning of 2019, I commit to shifting my perspective and allowing my goals to be fluid.  I pledge to growing in both the seen and unseen ways – focusing on prehab, mental health, core work, & rest.  And hopefully these small actions will feed into getting healthier, faster, and running further.

Cheers to one year closing and another opening.  Happy New Year!



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