Year in Review: 2017

Like most people I write out my goals around January 1st every year and check in on them periodically.  When we moved in June, I misplaced my journal that had my goals written down, and I didn’t review them for the balance of the year.

It was fun to look over them today and see where I came in.  Many of them were ingrained in me before 2017 even started and it felt so gratifying to mentally check them off the list as the months went on.

Below were my goals for 2017 and the results –

  1. Marathon PR:  SMASHED IT!
    A Goal: 3:30, B Goal: BQ (anything under 3:35:00), C Goal: Just PR
    Result:  Marathon PR in May 3:48:00, & major PR w/ BQ in December @ 3:24:52
  2. 1/2 Marathon PR: SMASHED IT!
    A Goal: Sub 1:40, B Goal: Sub 1:50
    Result: March 4th 1:43:25, July 4th 1:38:58, October 15th 1:37:45
  3. OR Coast 30K: Failed 
    Goal: Top 3 Female
    Result: Big DNS – I prioritized CIM over this race and transferred my bib
  4. 5K PR: Semi hit this goal
    Goal: Sub 22:00 5k
    Result: I didn’t run a 5K but I did hit an unofficial PR in the last 5K of my October half marathon, coming in at 21:54.  I know I have a fast 5K in me, I just need to sign up for one and blow the initial goal out of the water!
  5. Make crossing training a priority:  Semi Smashed it
    Goal: Strength work, core, and Yoga
    Result: I made core a priority and did a lot of yoga in the first half of the year.  The second half of the year I seemed to have slacked in yoga….
  6. No Days Off:  Failed it
    Goal: Dedicate at least 5 minutes a day to stretching, cross training, running, or PT
    Result: This was not realistic.  I did run, yoga, or core 6 days a week but I relished in my rest day.

Bonus highlights of 2017:  Working with Territory Run Co. to form the Monthly Sunrise Group & moving so close to Discovery Park.  In 2018, I would like to take advantage of the Disco trails at least once a week during easy days or for cross training.

Overall, a successful year and I am looking forward to cleaning up 2018 by adding more strength training and yoga as well as sprinkling in some shorter, fast races as fitness tests throughout the year.

2 thoughts on “Year in Review: 2017

  1. WHAT A PHENOMENAL YEAR, friend! When I think about all you went through last year, it makes the accomplishments of this year stand out even more; I’m so proud of you! Also, I hear you on the off day relishing; even though I know I should do *something*, I really do love that rest day. 😉 WAY TO GO!

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