stöðugleiki // Stability

A new blog, a fresh start, and a place to document process.  The process of running, training, evolving, reaching, and refining… So here we go.

Why do I run?  For the generic, ”It calms me, it renews me, it makes me a better person, for the challenge, for community…”  Recently on a run I asked myself for the additional and authentic answers.

I use to run from myself and shortcomings.  I ran from problems, confusion, loneliness, the work day, and essentially commitments.  I didn’t love it, but the more I ran the more grounded I felt, realizing the movements didn’t make me feel lost but gave me space for my mind to wander and a place where my thoughts are allowed to process.

My relationship with running has evolved over the past 6 years to not running from weakness but towards strength.  I no longer feel chased, but have become the chaser.  I run to pursue the unknown but still desired.  I chase after beautiful sunsets, silhouettes of a better me, and goals that no longer seem like dreams.  Running wakes up my senses and spirit, running is my gateway to reality.  I run because I find stability in constant motion.

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